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The National Welfare Rights Network is the peak community organisation in the area of social security law, policy and administration. Its members are the Welfare Rights Centre and other social security community legal centres and organisations across Australia. The NWRN develops policy about social security and family assistance based on the casework experience of its members. It provides expert feedback to Government on new and proposed changes to welfare law and policy. It works to raise awareness of social security issues to inform the work of other organisations in advancing public welfare. Most of the policy and law reform work of the Welfare Rights Centre is done by providing the NWRN with information and feedback based on our extensive casework. You can find more information about the NWRN’s policy work here.


In addition to the Welfare Writes blog, which can be read here, the Welfare Rights Centre does a limited amount of policy and law reform work in its own name. This work is listed below.

Submission into the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Elder Abuse Inquiry Issues Paper, 5 September 2016. WRC Submission on ALRC Elder Abuse Submission

Participation in Roundtable: Saving Medicare in 2015, 11 February 2015. Read the media release here.

Participation in NCOSS Community Sector Concessions Roundtable, 24 September 2014. Read the “Cost of Living: Are concessions doing their job?” report here.

Participation in NSW Business Chamber Tax Reform Roundtable, 24 November 2014.

Submission to Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Foreign Fighters) Bill 2014, October 2014. Read the submission here.

The Law Report: Compensation Preclusion Periods, Radio National, 9 September 2014. Listen here.

The impact of Rent Assistance on housing affordability for low-income renters: New South Wales Welfare Rights Centre (NSW) and Shelter NSW, March 2014. Read the report here.

Issues paper: Student Payments and TAFE OTEN courses, 3 May 2013. Read the paper here.

Issues paper: Temporary partner visas: changes needed to make sure new families get the help they need, 15 July 2013. Read the paper here.

Issues Paper: Problems with member of a couple decision made by Centrelink investigation teams, September 2012. Read the paper here.

Issues paper: Failure to consider cultural and religious background in investigations into relationship status of Arabic speaking single mothers, October 2012. Read the paper here.

Welfare Rights Centre Election Platform: Making Welfare Work, 2010. Read the platform here.

Author: Welfare Rights Centre

The Welfare Rights Centre provides information and advice to people across NSW about their social security rights, entitlements and obligations. The Centre also assists people through the social security review and appeals system. The Centre provides assistance to the community through community development and community education and training. Please call the Welfare Rights Centre if you need some help with a social security problem. Our advice line is 02 9211 5300.