Get the right information. These factsheets will assist you to resolve some problems with Centrelink yourself. If you have a different problem or the factsheet does not answer your questions, please call us for legal advice and assistance.


This factsheet is for people who want to appeal a decision made by Centrelink.

You have the right to appeal a Centrelink decision and Centrelink won't treat you differently if you appeal.
Deposits can affect your Centrelink payments, possibly resulting in a debt or a change in your eligibility or rate of payment.

This factsheet explains what you should do if deposits are made into your bank account.
This factsheet provides information on what to do if you have a Centrelink debt
This factsheet provides information on the Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration (CDDA) scheme.

If you have suffered loss as a result of something Centrelink has done and you have exhausted all avenues of appeal, you may be able to lodge a claim for CDDA.
This factsheet provides information about scams targeting people receiving Centrelink payments, and how to protect yourself and report these scams.
This factsheet provides information about the Disability Support Pension (DSP), a payment provided by Centrelink to people who have a condition that stops them from working or who are permanently blind.
This factsheet provides information on one-off payments you can receive if you are experiencing or at risk of family or domestic violence.

It also explains how domestic violence may impact your existing Centrelink payments.
This factsheet is for HESTA members. It covers which Centrelink payments you may be eligible for and how Centrelink payments are affected if you are or are about to receive income protection.
This factsheet is for anyone who is earning income from employment and receiving a Centrelink payment at the
same time.

This factsheet provides information on obtaining medical exemptions from your mutual obligations.

This factsheet provides information about how personal injury insurance payments affect your Centrelink payment.