Law Reform

The Welfare Rights Centre's vision is for a fair, just and inclusive society where everyone has the resources they need to lead a meaningful life. Essential to achieving this vision is a fair, just and accessible income support system across Australia.

Our membership of Economic Justice Australia (formerly the National Social Security Rights Network) helps us achieve that aim. Economic Justice Australia is the peak community organisation advocating for a fair social security system. We work with Economic Justice Australia to provide expert feedback to Government on new and proposed changes to social security law and policy and raise awareness of social security issues and their impact on people struggling to make ends meet.

To find out more about Economic Justice Australia, click here.

We partnered with Economic Justice Australia to produce the influential research report How Well Does Australia's Social Security System Support Victims of Family & Domestic Violence. This report considered the relationship between social security law and policy and family and domestic violence, and drew on our casework experience of assisting women experiencing family and domestic violence. In response to the report's recommendations, Centrelink has made changes to its policies and practices, although further legislative reform is required.