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Without the Welfare Rights Centre I would have been in an extremely dire situation, which would or (still could leave me) in awful circumstances…without an income, with no money, still struggling to navigate my way through the maze otherwise known as Centrelink, and unable to pay for housing expenses, basic necessities, food and utilities bills."                                                                                                                                                      Welfare Rights Centre client

It’s difficult to describe just how distressing a Centrelink issue can be. That’s what makes our casework practice so rewarding - as we regularly see people recover from a state of crisis after receiving information, advice and representation to get their Centrelink issue sorted.

Although we support more than 3000 individuals and community workers across NSW every year, demand for our services far exceeds our capacity. We need your support so we don’t have to keep turning people away.

As part of our SAVE Welfare Rights Centre campaign we are currently fundraising to support our First Nations Access Program. If you wish to donate to this cause please donate here.



Fund a community worker to attend one of our community legal education training sessions.


Fund a telephone interview to sort out a vulnerable person’s Centrelink problem before things get any worse


Fund an appointment with a Welfare Rights caseworker to support a woman experiencing domestic violence, access vital support and Centrelink benefits.


Fund our volunteer training. Every volunteer trained by our legal team is vital to supporting our casework practice. 


Fund legal representation that gets rid of a person’s unfair Centrelink debt

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