Strategic Plan
Our Strategy describes our vision for the Welfare Rights Centre, lays out our Theory of Change, and sets out our aims and goals.
our vision
A fair, just and inclusive society where everyone has the resources they need to live a meaningful life.
our theory of change

The Welfare Rights Centre provides free legal information, advice and representation to help people who live in New South Wales navigate the social security system. Many people dealing with Centrelink have complex, intersecting issues in their lives that cause deep distress, including health, housing, safety, and financial pressures. Our work transforms people’s lives. Accessing social security entitlements and challenging unfair debts alleviates financial hardship and prevents disadvantage that can span generations.

We build knowledge and understanding of the social security system and provide practical legal support to access Centrelink benefits and challenge unfair debts. Accurate one-off legal advice can empower some people to resolve their issue, while others may need more substantial, ongoing legal assistance. In providing this service, we hold Centrelink to account and ensure its decisions are lawful and fair.

We collaborate with our peak organisation, Economic Justice Australia, to shape and advocate for Government investment in a fair social security system. No one should have to worry about meeting their basic economic and social needs. Everyone should have a safe place to live and food on the table. Good policy ensures people’s immediate survival needs are met, and underpins people’s capacity to participate fully in society and live with dignity and safety. Through our work, we contribute to a robust social security system that sets the foundation for a fair, just and inclusive society.


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our theory of change