Law Reform & Advocacy
We seek a fair and accountable social security system

While we work to achieve positive outcomes for individual people through our casework, our aims go well beyond that. Some of the worst examples of distress, disadvantage and injustice experienced by our clients arise from systemic problems within the social security system.

We recognise the need for a better social security system that meets people’s needs so they can live safely, with dignity, and with the ability to fully participate in the community. We use the knowledge we gain through our casework and community education work to advocate for reforms to make the Australian social security system fairer for everyone.

Our membership of Economic Justice Australia (EJA) plays a key role in our law reform efforts. Economic Justice Australia is the peak organisation representing the collective experience of 15 community legal centres providing specialist advice to people on social security all over Australia. We regularly meet through events chaired by EJA to discuss key issues, develop policy positions, and participate in research to further our law reform goals. Our Executive Director is the Deputy Chair of EJA and our Principal Solicitor is a member of the Board.

Our advocacy includes: