Other Organisations Who Can Help

Financial Issues

  • Having trouble paying your bills?
  • Signed a contract you can’t afford?
  • Unhappy with something you bought?


  • Got an eviction notice?
  • Disagree with something your landlord did?
  • Can’t get housing because of your rental history?

Family and Kids

  • Separating?
  • Need help seeing the kids or grandkids?
  • Trouble with child support?
Crime and Fines
  • Having trouble paying your fines?
  • Police want to talk to you?
  • Have to go to court?

Family and Domestic Violence

  • Don’t want to put up with abuse from your partner, ex-partner or other family member?
  • Money keeps going missing?
  • Need some help getting away?
  • Want an AVO or ADVO?

Young People

  • Wanting to leave home?
  • Suspended or expelled from school?
  • Can’t get Medicare or ID?


  • Trouble with NDIS?
  • Issues with your service provider?
Not in NSW?

Access community legal centres outside NSW that help with Centrelink problems here.